Tuesday, 3 June 2008

sifu :O

woke up..walked to the field...came too early and was alone so just sat on the swing going "wee~" Hahaha..then they started to come..today Sifu Gordon came..lol he's super..chunted @@ ex-state gymnast..hahaha we were like "alll hail gordon~~come in our squad!! we give you a wig and skirt and call you georgina" Hahaha..but he was really really quiet..tired I guess :S EYEBAGS!

:D anyways today we DIDN'T go to MCD..well half of them did..but me,nicky,sifu,hazirah and airina went to the fishball shop in ss15 :D you know the refillable mee for 5bucks per bowl and you can eat as much as you want? Hahaha hungry guys should go there. really worth it. BUT DON'T buy the barley..-.- yuck!

Then after that some people came and THANKSS to the wonderful E!!! We got stuck in the rain -.- we were like..I'M GONNA KILL YOU!!! Hahaha..at least my phone didn't get wet =) was hiding it so tightly..Xx

Ps. you know who you are..NEXT TIME JUST CALL MEEEE T.T don't care if its 4 or 5 in the morning..JUST CALL!!! grr

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