Friday, 16 October 2009

cloudy with a chance of surrogates

15th October

Us girls came to my house and ended up watching Titanic on TV.Headed back to school to help Puan Chuah out with the preparation of the open hall as Japanese students are coming net week but it was in use so we headed for lunch first. This was our Christian Fellowship Recess Revo Special thing for the month as there was no CF on the 16th, we did today instead.

Jess and I went to McD's and saw loads of form 6 students there. Headed back to school and swept the entire open hall together with Matthew and Xing, It was just the four of us but we made it happen!

In the evening, headed to the movies with mum and sis. Watched

Rating : 8/10
advice, eat before you watch it.
really funny :D go watch.

Today, woke up at 8 in the morning for no reason and ended up being a zombie watching Gossip Girl all day thanks to Jess who lent me season 2 :) Keith fetched me and we headed to Silva's for lunch.

Headed to Asia Cafe to play pool after that. I didn't play till they offered to teach me. Hahaha I actually jumped in the air and screamed when I successfully hit one ball into the hole ;)

Headed to Pyramid to watch

Rating : 7/10
Not enough action though :)

Am going off to Johor for the weekend as grandma ain't exactly in her best shape. Tata.

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