Friday, 23 October 2009

Fishy Cave

20 October 09

Sam brought the family to eat at Snowflake SS15. It looked like crap and it tasted like heaven. I absolutely adore the sweet potatoes and yam. Sadly by the time we reached there they ran out of taroballs! What a descrimination! Haha. Met Amanda Q on the way out ;)

21 October 09

Sonya and I took 3 trains down to Pudu. Hot, sweaty and sticky we ended up sharing a cup of javachip at Starbucks ;) it's been so long since I've tasted it. But it was awesome..till it started pouring and we ran to the bus central!

Both of us boarded the bus with the most uncomfortable seats for me as my height didn't match the stupid head cushion on the bus seat. It was a 3 hour ride all the way to Gopeng, Perak. Seema fetched us from the bus station and sent us to Hotel Lotte. Or more like a motel. But who cares, a room's a room :)

We walked up three flights of stairs. I told you it's like a motel.RM63 per night. Killer aircon that could freeze you to an ice cube. Really. Hahah. We chucked our baggage and ran back down. We were STARVING.

I told you I was starving. And it did not help me one bit that the mee goreng took half an hour to arrive. My sister finished her whole meal and mine was still invisible. We spent the night walking around the town. Which took only 20 minutes ! hahaha thank Goodness for handphones. Spent my night texting and..

Why did Anna die !? Gah

22 October 09

The next morning before heading to Gua Tempurung, we stopped by McDonald's for breakfast as it was the only thing open. It was 8am. People were waiting outside McD's for it to open. I thought to myself, "Oh man, it's gonna be a long line at the counter later" I was proven wrong.

The doors opened.
The people rushed in McD's...
desperados alert =.=

So yeah, we went to Gua Tempurung and saw such powderful England. We teamed up with another 8 people and headed for the cave! We took the package including the river rafting :)

We saw many different formations of the rocks in there. Like that's a sheep ! Haha there were many others but the place was just too dark. This time, my height was put to good use ! They had to bend down, I just had to walk. Killer stalagtites :D

The river rafting was the most fun part. I was drenched till my neck. Minus the part that my camera went for a 10 minute swim. Thankfully, I prayed like crazy and there wasn't a single malfunction in my camera =) God's just awesome.

Finally, we changed, and headed back to Subang. Another bus ride and three awesome trains to take. Not to forget, it was during the sardine canning period.

23 October 09

Went for my Homes Party with the theme, FISH AND CO ! It was super awesome and we had three newcomers ! Kenneth,Michelle and Aileen :) I'm too tired to blog it all out. So just go to


There's no difference! I blogged that post out there :)

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