Tuesday, 13 October 2009


1) My spectacles broke before my final PMR paper
2) My eyes started tearing during the exam
3) I slept at the final half an hour :D
4) We Screamed, We Cheered. bottom line was,

PMR WAS OVER !!!!!!!!

Rushed home, got dressed and headed to Parade to fix my spectacles then went to the KTM station to meet up with the others.

"where are you?"
coming soon, coming!

-15 minutes later-

"Where are you??"
reaching soon reaching soon!!

-15 minutes later-

"Seriously, where are you !?"
I see Subang Parade already coming!!

-15 minutes later-

"Amanda Ooi, WHERE ARE YOU !!! "
Okay !!! I'm reaching!!!!

-15 minutes later she arrived-

We took the KTM down to KL Central and during the train ride, Jay texted Amanda " I feel like you're coming to KLCC, wanna meet up for lunch? " Hahaha its the Holy Spirit I tell you! hahaha. So we took an LRT and headed to the food court and met up with Jay, Elder Rose and Cindy. We even joined the Adult Prayer Group there too :D Awesomeness!

We walked around KLCC and took a million photos in every single reflective object we saw. two digital cameras and a DSLR make total nutcase humans.

Then we walked over to Pavilion thanks to our tour guy, Jeremy Yap that led us blind bats around. Stopped by MichaelAngelo's for a drink.

Don't worry :D Bought a virgin lime margarita, Sex On The Beach (what a name -.-), Pina Colada and an Iced Chocolate :D

Jeremy started having a nosebleed there. We stole tissues from the opposite table. It was like gushing out like a waterfall! Okay maybe i'm exaggerating a little.

Walked around and took more photos on the streets !! We really really had nothing to do. Amanda was like the paparazzi or something. She fell in love with JoBen's DSLR that's for sure.

Headed to The Loaf after that for tea as Jay highly recommended it and even gave us her membership card to get discounts. She was not joking!! Did you know the baker in The Loaf is Dato' Mahathir's personal baker or something like that? We bought 6 types of mini cheese cake with different topping and they were extremely scrumptious!!

After that, we walked around to Sungei Wang, Bukit Bintang Plaza and decided to take the Monorail back to KL Central. We hopped on the train and we felt something was amiss. We realised, we didn't go to Times Square!!! Too late, we were already there so we headed to get a KTM back to Subang.

It was so packed that Jeremy and I were able to get into the KTM but Amanda and JoBen were left outside! It was like a korean drama. The door closed and we got separated. I was squashed by people with smelly hairy armpits. Ugh. Not to mention overloaded sweat.

We reached, and headed to Carrefour for Jeremy wanted "dinner" yeah...Dunkin Donuts was his dinner. Awesome no? We got an sms from JoBen and Amanda that they missed the next train too !! And they'd arrive even later. Soon they arrived and we got into a cab and headed to church.

We annoyed the taxi driver by singing/screaming at the top of our lungs to every single song that played on the radio. It was a traumatizing experience for the taxi driver as the road was jammed hahahaha!!

We reached church for Prayer Service and continued being hyper like crazy. This is what you call


P.s I went to 7 malls in a day !
-Subang Parade
-Sungei Wang
-BB Plaza

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