Friday, 30 October 2009

Halloweeny Day

Woke up in the morning and headed to Jessica's Halloween Party. Yeah I know, Halloween Party in the MORNING. Something unique and different altogether. Haha. Spent most of our time talking and played truth & dare.

A few friends from her primary school came too. Kin Shaun, Winnie and Jon :)

After that, headed back to my house for Christian Fellowship ! The game forfeits were funnily crazy. Took videos and photos of nonsensical stuff. Uploaded two of them on facebook ! :D

After that, Annesha dragged me along with some other people and headed to Sunway Pyramid. We watched Michael Jackson's This Is It which wasn't really ALL THAT. I almost fell asleep. Other people were camwhoring in the cinema because it was boring.

Then after that, we saw this big halloween fashion competition. It was extremely fascinating and scary at the same time. They really put in their efforts for the costumes and the tons of fake blood.

After that, we were stuck in an uber duper awesome possum jam. Best part was, the fuel tank was pointing at E - empty ! Luckily, arrived back home before the car officially died !

Arrived back home to see a drinking party in my living room. Sam's classmates and his lecturer as well were all present. Audrey = awkward :)

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