Sunday, 18 October 2009

Johor johor

Anyways, yesterday mum, sis and I headed down to Aunty Kim Wey's house and as I said, it was a 4 hour nauseous ride so I just slept like a pig throughout.

the only cousins there were Kok Jin and Rachel as all the others are either married or not in Malaysia no more. I feel so young. Hahaha. Well, I am the youngest in the entire extended family anyway.

This is my darling Ah mah :) The reason we all headed down to Johor was to visit her :)

The aunts and uncles got to eat at the table while us cousins sat on the floor or at the stairs hahaha.

Meet Lisa, the biggest lovable dog ever that couldn't stop licking me from top to toe. So we headed back to Subang today and stopped by Melaka for a break. We then realised, the car keys had disappeared. Panicked, searched for half an hour, prayed to God for help like ALOT of help.

Miraculously, the toilet cleaner found it

After that, headed straight to church for Sunday Evening Service!! Made a new friend there, Enrico, talented artist :D Although you did draw me as a circle with hands coming out of my ears. Hahaha. And then we celebrated Dr Jill's birthday !!! :D My best leader ever :)

Should I go tomorrow or should I not :) ?

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