Friday, 9 October 2009

no puedo creer la gente que de si

After PMR, received an sms from Benjamin Wong asking me to meet up with him at the ss17 park. Without thinking, I did. Reached there and I was the only girl. Extremely awkward. They started teasing Ben and all. I went back in 10 minutes hahaha. But nevermind, got to see him anyways. It's not like I see him all the time

Met up with the girls and headed off to gym and went to Subang Parade after. They shopped I stoned. They came over to my house after that just to hang and chat.

After that, I went to Acts Teens Homes Party !! And tonight it was Mexican Nite ! Hahaha JoBen actually went online to find out what was "Hi, good evening my name is Joben and I'll be your host for today ! " in Spanish. Haha it was hilarious.

They really got into the mood. Hahaha the games was awesome. We made the longest "mexican wave". Video's up on my facebook :) Praise and Worship was led by Dr Jill and we had an awesome time doing mexican waves DURING praise and worship! Hahaha. Alvin gave the word after that :)

Celebrated Dr Jill's, Daniel's and Yong Jin's birthday after that!

Jeremy Yap, you owe me a big big favour. I swept the floor flooded with bits of confetti you made with the help of other people and their slippers. GRR.

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