Saturday, 24 October 2009

spooky shopping

Xing, Jess and I headed to Sunway Pyramid for a little spooky halloween shopping. Walked practically into every store that contains any halloween items. Even Krispy Kreme has Krispy Skremes ! Scary looking donuts :O

We decided to have a bite at Krispy Kreme. But we didn't buy the Skremes :) Bumped into Tiru and Sharmaine there. Saw Chin Yee working at Asian Avenue too. We headed to Carrefour and then to Subang Parade to look for more halloween stuff.

Finally they crashed at my place. Jessica cut off the fake hair from the hat she bought and Xing started playing with it. Then I came up with the brightest and grossest idea. The next picture can make your eyes bleed :O

I can't believe I'm posting this up. Gosh. Esther look! I'm Mum from Fairly Oddparents. Braided armpit hair :O Gross gross gross. hahahaha couldn't stop laughing.

After that, Xing and I headed to Dome, Subang Parade to meet up with Maison and his mum. I talked to Maison nonstop while Xing was being interviewed by his mum for a job application ;) It went pretty well. Had fun catching up with Maison too :D

To the GGB Gang.
Come to the party please !! :(

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