Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Sushee Frenzee

Mum allowed me to skip school to increase my sleeping hours :D

Esther,Xing, Annesha and myself headed to Sushi King in Pyramid as there's a promotion for members which enables us to buy any plate for RM2 ! Like the original price of my photo is RM6 ! So we saved loads of money. Thank you to Amanda who lent us her card !

It's so confusing when it comes to the division of money. Especially when the taxes come in and so does the discounts Haha. Bumped into Devyoni there! She's still as hyper as ever :P Saw En Yee working in a bag shop! Wow. PMR ended yesterday and she already started work today.

Four of us headed to the cinema to watch 500 days of Summer
Really interesting movie. The way they made it was really cool and not how normally movies work out :)

Epic ending.
What's your name?

After that we headed to Subang Parade and went to Sushi King for dinner AGAIN. Yes ! Did I mention that you're only given an hour to be there due to limited seating. Saw Wei Wen and Timothy there :D

Oh ! Met up with the Khoos and Kangs there too :D Haha! Also known as...
Aunty Pat, Aunty Mag, Daphy, Shaun and Sonia :)

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