Thursday, 29 October 2009

Time Traveller's Wife

Esther, Yuan Qi, Xing and myself headed to Pyramid today which was an extremely last minute plan. Just made it last night. Why? TGV didn't display the movie on their website till last night !
We watched.....

I absolutely loved it
Rating : 9/10
I cried twice.
Go and watch it. or even better,

After that headed to Asian Avenue. Or as Jessica calls it, Lala Avenue to shop for Yuan Qi's halloween outfit. While he browsed around, we played around with all the lil toys and gadgets there. Like rubber skulls that oozed blood and maggots when you squished them. I have no idea why Xing and Esther were so intrigued by it.

After that, they headed home while I walked around aimlessly waiting for my mum and sister to come for dinner. Met up with En Yee as she's working at Nike and met Jun Han outside Nike! Saw Liyana coming down the escalator and bumped into Eunice Ong with a DSLR slung around her neck :)

Finally both of them arrived...after an hour and a half. Thank goodness Shaun C texted me. We headed to SHOGUN JAPANESE BUFFET for dinner. We stuffed ourselves silly as there was a 30% discount. There was fresh fruit juice which was the bomb. Not to forget the extremely awesome sashimi..sushi..teppanyaki..desserts..and millions more yummy sinful food that entered my stomach tonight :)


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