Saturday, 10 October 2009

Train Train train!

Was at Church till 3 plus attending Acts Kids Training !!
I'm volunteering for Acts Kids Holiday Program this November
So, got to learn how to handle kids and more :)
If you know any 2 - 11 year olds, tell them about it !!
There's gonna be a 3 day program happening on Nov 26 - 28
It's gonna be like a camp minus the sleepovers :D!

After that went shopping !
It was for necessities okay.
The ones I have previously were cutting my skin.
So I had to quickly buy some and there was a sale !!
Can you guess what I bought? :O
Clue - I'm an international brand.

Took a bus home, bought my dinner from Parade and jogged around my area.
Ended up at the park and started playing basketball with John and Zhu En :)
My hands feel like mush now.
That's what you get when you play with someone 20cm taller than yourself :)

Tomorrow, Audrey's gonna be a tuition teacher again :)
I demand payment, Charles. PAYMENT !

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