Sunday, 11 October 2009

tuition smuition

After church took the so called shortcut from Summit to Charles's house for his tuition. Shortcut includes climbing up and down a hill, walking through a park and walking beside the drain beside SMK Seafield in heels. Yay.

Reached there and saw this girl here too ! Lim Su Fun ! So anyways, both of us started teaching(and annoying) him too. Of course we had fun laughing at each others ICs. Why did I leave it in my pencil box...WHY!? Ryan got a peek at it too. I shouldn't have left it downstairs.

Here's Ryan. His younger brother. Who's only 12 and taller than him! HAHAHA. After that, Kuok Wei came to fetch Su Fun and he kindly gave me a lift all the way back to my house! So touched :P I only asked to be sent to the bus stop. Aww.

Perjanjian Charles dengan Audrey serta Su Fun
1) If Charles get 7As, he'll treat us to Kenny Rogers or any similar standard
2) If Charles get 6As with Math included, he'll treat us to McDonalds or any similar standard


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