Tuesday, 20 October 2009

yamato nishi high school !!

Headed to school and realised not a single person from my gang came. I sat in the middle of guys playing pokemon cards. I was probably asked the same question 5 times.

"Eh Audrey where are all your friends? "

Anyways, here's the deal, 277 students from Yamato Nishi High School, Kanagawa, Japan came to our school and form 3s were not allowed to have a partner. But then, miraculously there were not enough upper forms to escort them so I managed to become an escort!!

So, this was my partner! Aya Nomura! 16 years old and the sweetest thing ever. Yes, there was definitely a language barrier as I hardly knew japanese and she hardly knew english. But somehow, we just managed to talk or giggle alot hahaha.

We brought them to the open hall and I started laughing when she couldn't remember her own national anthem Kimigayo. Hahaha she kept turning to her friends saying wakaranai (means I don't know) . So cute. Haha. Then there was a kuda kepang dance performed on stage for them.

After that, a big group of Japanese girls performed a hiphop dance which totally pawned our traditional dance. Haha seriously! They were awesome and were quite synchronized as there were probably 30 girls in that dance.

After that, I brought her to the different stations situated around school. One of them was the cooking demonstration of fried wantan.

Aud : This is something like Gyoza from Japan
Aya : Oh !! I like gyoza !! oishiii

So cute.

Then we also headed to see the Japanese guys vs Malaysian guys in sepak takraw. It was so hilarious watching it. Really. Laughed till sides split. Hahaha

Then, they got the opportunity to put inai / henna on their hands. Luckily I watched anime.

Audrey : What kind of design do you want?
Aya : Eto......
Audrey : err..er..Hana?
Aya : yes yes ! Hana. Fe..low..er :D (flower)

Then I finally met her boyfriend! You Hei :D She told me about him earlier and just couldn't seem to find him. Luckily I got to meet him after that. he's 17 and they've been together for 1 year and 5 months! Haha. Watching them together was like watching a real live anime.

You Hei gave me a sweet ! Which I haven't opened yet. I don't have the heart to cut it open !! Haha Aya also gave me a postcard with a uber kawaii neko (cute cat) on it :D

Then it was the time to say goodbye. Took our final photos and soon we had to say sayonara. The way she tried to even say that she had a great time despite the language barrier was so sincere. When we really did say goodbye. She cried. She actually cried. I felt so touched and almost burst into tears too. I really had an awesome time with you Aya !! I'm gonna email you right after this !

Headed back to class and Shahin had left over henna from the stall earlier and I started doodling on my own hand. Choon Thye requested for his too :D

for more photos :)

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