Monday, 9 November 2009

3 Empati Class Party!

Puan Rohana came to fetch me with the others all in the car. Car didn't have enough space so somebody had to sit on someone. RIAOOO.

It started pouring like mad but that didn't make a difference as we had a major water fight. Water guns. Water balloons. Orange juice. Tomato sauce. Chilli sauce. and teacher even used drain water!! GROSS

We then had our barbeque. Loads and loads of food. Awesome cakes. Chicken. Patties. MARSHMALLOWS! Oh yes. We burnt all the marshmallows like crazy. Some even fell into the BBQ pit.

Gang Gang Bang Gang :) plus one girl member. Hahahah.

Then we took one big fat group photo in the rain ! Sadly there were 3 people absent from the party. It was the most awesome possum time everrrrrr :)

Oh yes, and it was Alan Chan's birthday today ! Happy birthday to the birthday boy :) who got splashed in the face with freezing cold orange sprite a million times by yours truly

Click HERE for all the photos :)

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