Saturday, 31 October 2009

AAR Concert !!

Reached there to see a giant flood of people at the Bukit Jalil carpark. I called Jon and I simply couldn't find him. His orders were just to get in and try to find each other later.

Bumped into a massive group of SMKSU-ians. So, we held hands, probably smelt of dead fish by squishing altogether. Pushed through, and we finally got in ! And guess what..I got to the 2nd row in front? While Jon who waited since 3 hours ago..still did not get in ! Hahaha.

Anyways, I finally met up with him. And we realised the concert was not gonna start till a few hours later (Malaysian timing DUH), so I left my spot and went walking around taking photos randomly thanks to Wilson.

We decided to sit in the middle of nowhere and people kept staring at us. Everyone was rushing infront trying to get closer to the stage while we sat beside the PA system.

We met up with the Hitz FM Crew which dressed to impress as it was halloween ! After chatting with them, they asked us to go into the Hitz Zone! Which would actually be obtained by winning the competition on Hitz FM and some people were even selling it for RM200. Lucky us ! (for now)

It started raining. Haha ! I realised both the times AAR came to malaysia to rained. Jon forced me to put his spare shirt on my head. I felt like I was wearing a tudung or something.

We went to the back of the whole crowd as it was extremely stuffy, smoky and there were a whole bunch of Malay guys doing nonsense trying to create a mosh pit. Super annoying. After 2 hours of extra performances by local bands and watching the music videos on the screen replaying a million times....

Finally they appeared on stage !!!!!!! Screams and girls fainting were everywhere. Their performances were awesome. They played alot of songs and of course included the well known I Wanna, Move Along, It Ends Tonight and ended with Gives you Hell. It was THE BOMB

Tyson the lead singer was extremely flirtatious haha. Made me laugh to bits. He even went into the crowd and took a girl's witch hat which probably made her heart fly to heaven. He even dedicated one of the songs to her. Lucky girl.

After that, Jon, Wilson and my brother all had passes to meet & greet the All American Rejects band which left me well, ALONE. So I wandered around the whole place past midnight and saw Jeremy Yap! :D Talked to him for abit and finally my bro returned.

Met Sam's friend, Kristine which was in the front row during the concert. It seemed that AAR guitar picks were flying off the stage and she got one !! Look at it properly...what's different with Hello Kitty hmm ? She hit puberty.

There was also a contest for the best dressed for Halloween. If I'm not mistaken, 5 people that dressed the best would be able to meet AAR. I met a walking Ipod!! Which was playing I Wanna on her list for the entire time. Hahaha. Super cute.

Followed Sam to the mamak session with all the Nuffnang bloggers and met Angel ! She nicely forgot my name thrice. Thus, I put my name on her handphone screen :)

Of course there were many more, but didn't manage to snap all their photos. We just talked and talked and took photos till 3 in the morning. When you have a brother beside you, you practically have no curfew :)


and also thanks Jonnnn :) I had such a great time. My first concert that I've ever been to and I'm glad I could spend it with you :D I can't believe I haven't seen you for a year and you didn't change at all ! Hahaha, see you in December ! :)

Fun Fact for AAR Fans.
Did you notice that their songs are all repeats?
1. I wanna I wanna
2. Move along move along
3. It ends tonight it ends tonight
4. Hope it gives you hell hope it gives you hell
Credits to Jeremy Choy

Crap. It's past 5 in the morning and I have church tomorrow. Gudnight :)

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