Thursday, 12 November 2009

Amanda Janelle Quahh :O

Headed to Asia Cafe to meet up with this woman at 12.30 for lunch. Woman here was supposed to be studying for her A Levels. But since we were crapping too much on twitter yesterday, we decided to finally meet and talk for the first time! Amanda Janelle Quah :D

The weather was probably pms-ing. It poured. it stopped. It stormed. It stopped. It drizzled. It stopped. It was bright. It was dark. SO..we practically remained at Asia Cafe for 5 hours talking nonstop.

The minute I took off, the sky was fairly dark. The minute I crossed over to my area, another storm arose. Started texting Shaun C. Lightning started to strike. I wasn't sure whether I should have used my umbrella. Used it in the end, and it broke. How nice.

Came back home and saw a strudel calling my name. Gosh. The blueberry apple goodness. Me and my sister whacked the whole thing and left my brother with nothing. YAY.

Oh and guess who got a new big fat christmas treeee :O

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