Friday, 20 November 2009

aughaugh lj hoho

Went to Pyramid like 8 in the morning thanks to Jon Ho as he had no other option cause of transport. He insisted he saw an eclipse in the mall (refer to photo)

Li Jian came along too! Pyramid was so dark. Went around taking random photos.

I'm the cactus i'm the cactus! Woo.

We headed to the bowling alley once Pyramid started lighting up. Jon Ho practically forced me to play. he actually paid for me and even bought socks. He lied to us when he said he was noob.
My score and his were like worlds apart.

Then it was our turn to force him. We went to watch 2012 again! Jon refused to watch it as he was too scared that he hid behind his bag throughout the show!

Headed to Pasta Zanmai for lunch. Went there for the first time and thank you Jon Ho for paying half the bill. We owe you big time.

Our hands were still freezinggg cold from the cinema. Jon Ho actually went to the extend of using the hot green tea to warm his nose.

After lunch, Li Jian had to head back first as his mum came already. Hugged, waved goodbye and went shopping with Jon Ho!

Soon I left too, didn't feel like going home so headed to Parade. Hoped to find Xing working but found Jiun there instead. Walked around aimlessly and ran home in the rain.

I had fun :)

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