Sunday, 8 November 2009

AYA Awards 2009

Vania and Ethan came over to my house and Joanne came with her parents to fetch us to KL Performing Arts Centre for the Asian Youth Ambassador Awards 2009! It's their 14th Anniversary!

Reached there and was greeted by awesome hosts with food and drinks on a silver platter. Hahaha if only this would happen everyday.

Met up with Charlotte and Ken-ji as they were bored to death for the past few hours.

Soon we were allowed to head into the room and we got to sit in the 2nd row from the front! Which meant better photos!

The opening act were a group of guys dancing along to korean songs. Mainly from DBSK and they ended with Gee - SNSD. Laughed till my sides split as they were super duper gay at the end.

The hosts for the day were David Yeow and Victoria Ong who looked so gorgeous.. and Pastor Kenneth also gave an opening speech :)

Lightbulb Productions also had a dance performance consisting of different dances from different cultures all mixed together in a big fat cauldron :D

The nominees for the Most Youth Friendly Company were announced and AFS won the prize !! Yes AFS the company that sends us Malaysians to visit other awesome countries for 3 - 6 months.

The Chin Up Talk Show was conducted by Pr Kenneth and he then interviewed four of the finalists for the Most Outstanding Youth of 2009. Each of them had their own trials and their own testimonies which totally blew my mind.

Especially Ellynita's one! She has cancer yet helped the Tsunami victims in Acheh without actual permission and got a gun pointed at her.

1. Yeoh Chen Chow
2. Jecyrina
3. Ellynita
4. Elder Edana

and the winner was...

Mia Palencia then came up and sang a song that she composed entitled, Catalyst Creed ! It was a really awesome song..luckily for us the lyrics were plastered across the wall.

Then the whole AYA choir as well as the Lightbulb Crew joined in and the event ended with a big bang !

As usual, photo sessions are never forgotten :) Group photo of the teens ! :)

This photo was taken for fun okay ! Don't get any ideas.

Oh, and then we celebrated Eunice's birthday too! :D

Since there were so many different pieces of artwork there, we went around taking super random photos everywhere. I love this shot. It was candid for Joben and myself

more photos are available HERE


seon said...

wat a coincidence.. one of the host, is my fren...oh...nice blog

*~xtra-audrey-nary~* said...

really?? which is your friend? cos they're all from my church :)