Monday, 16 November 2009

bada bing bada boom

Headed to the dentist in the morning and found out it wasn't a cavity after all! Yay I'm happy.Headed to Daphne's house for the Interact meeting. Anyways just a shout out

Date - 27 February 2010
Time - 2-6pm
Place - SMK SS17 Dewan Kesidang
Theme - Ireland

Searching for performances on that day, so from now on start practising whether its a band, dance or singing you can be from another school if you want. Auditions will be held on

29 January 2010 ( other performances )
30 January 2010 ( bands )

We'll be having a fundraiser !

Date ? 20 November 2009
Place ? Sunway Pyramid
What? A Hug - RM2 (minimum)
A Photo - RM1

Who's interested to be a hugger let me know
Who's interested to be hugged, just be there and find the people with the signboards. LOL

For myself, I'm not able to be there due to certain reasons. but others would be :)

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