Saturday, 14 November 2009

Christmas Interact Carol Party :)

Brenda, Damien, Chan Tong and I hopped on to the KTM and soon headed to KLCC. In the train itself we met Lucas which was the person we needed to meet to get our movie tickets!

Altogether there were 20 of us who received free passes to the premier of A Christmas Carol and we even got coke and popcorn on the house! All thanks to Datuk Tony Tiah which gave the passes to Acts Church !

Sadly, the seats were not stuck together and we had to break into bits and pieces. I ended up sitting with Lucas and Ken-ji. Some people even had to sit alone! Thanks guys :D

Headed for lunch at some random shop and decided that we didn't wanna remain in KL any longer!

So we quickly took the train back and headed home. I was supposed to go to the movies with Shaun C but unfortunately tickets were not available. Disappointed but yeah, thought could finally see him.

Darren came to fetch Cheryl and dropped me off at James's place for the Seafield Interact Party..which I was the only NON seafield - er :)

I reached there around 3.30 and the party started at 5. So helped them with the little little things and got to know some of them more like Jolene, Carolyn :D

The usual couple was there and as usual Su Fun was well..SU FUN ! Hahaha! Manager selling off the guys :D

Suddenly, SHAUN CHIEN APPEARED ! I was like. WHAT !? Ran outside, he looked as shocked as me. He never told me he was coming and neither did I. Out of joy I hugged him and his reaction?

" NOOO I'M WET ! "


Then also made friends with Li Jian ! Okay, we knew met each other before, but have never spoken! So it was fun to atleast make some new friends :D such as Natashah, Priyanka, Cheryl and moree :)

We played the DARYL GAME. was it? Hahaha.

1) write a celebrity / character on a piece of paper
2) stick it on the forehead of the person beside you
3) he has to try and guess who is on his forehead by asking questions! :D

It was everyone's favourite time. MAKAN TIME! Yay. Pizza, meehoon, finger food, and the oh so yummy fake virgin pina colada. HAHAHA.

Andrea's mum made the most super duper awesome possum delicious scrumptious mouth watering (well you get the picture) APPLE CRUMBLE!

Then it was lepak time. Some played the guitar. Some chit chatted and some took PHOTOS! Spot the tallest one. :D

Played the SU FUN game which is just so hard to explain but it made me laugh like crazy. Jon Ho, YOU THE MAN! We must play this game again. Could die laughing.


Answer trivia questions wrongly, you jump. Yeah that's practically it. I'm so happy I didn't play. I'd probably jump and never return.

I decided not to in the pool at first, because I brought extra everything except a bra and..James's pool was freaking deep.I could only walk one quarter of the way and I would drown.. Charles and Chee Kin chucked me into the pool anyway. After alot of screaming.

There were massive rocks beside the pool which became their diving boards. Guys flew threw the air. Front Flipped, Back flipped. cross legged belly flopped into the pool !

Thanks to Jon Ho and Li Jian for piggybacking me to the deep end which was twice my height. Yes, I can't swim. Phobias. Thanks to Shaun Chien who "saved" me from drowning when Li Jian died halfway. Haha

Thanks to JAMES THIEN for opening up his house!
Thanks to those who invited me over for the party!
I enjoyed myself like CRAZEHH :)
I'm honoured to be the only non-seafieldian there


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