Saturday, 21 November 2009

Digi Broadband :)

Headed to church for a full day of training! It all started from 9am!

1) Acts Kids Holiday Programme Training
2) Acts Teens Camp Meeting
3) Saturday Acts Leaders Training
4) Acts Teens Leaders Training

and by the time it ended, it was around 6pm! Woo! Hahaha. Tiring but awesome! Thank you for giving me a lift back JoBen :)

Came home and saw this on my table!! The USB Digi Broadband has finally arrived! My 3 months free internet has arrived! Thanks to the Pimp My Broadband Competition that I entered! Sad thing is, I don't have a laptop!! So I can't bring it around! Gah.

Who wants to see the Ninja Assassin Premiere with me on 24 Nov - 8pm (midvalley) ?
Catch is, you gotta either fetch me there or take the KTM with me. Transport home will be provided by my brother back to my house so your parents can just fetch you from my house.

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