Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Down Under.

Headed to Fairy Park Funeral Parlour in the wee hours of the morning. My eyes were so sepet you couldn't even see them. I was dead tired. There was a short service before we departed to the Meru Christian Cemetery.

Walked all the way up the hill as Amah was to be buried beside Ah Kong. There we stood, under the scorching sun that could cook fried rice. There was a short service and we sang two hymns.

It was the time for her to be laid down into the ground. We threw the roses. Little Chong Wei even cut out two paper hearts with "mama,papa,chong wei,shu en" on one. and "God" on the other. He's so sweet and smart :) he's gonna be a heartbreaker in the future.

I got to see my grandpa's grave for the very first time. I never even saw him in real life. he passed away in 1988, 6 years before I came about.

After that, the family members headed over to a place in Klang for lunch. We got extremely lost but at the end (after calling Yew Tong 4 times while panicking on the road), we managed to get there! Chong Wei was so hungry that he couldn't wait for the food to arrive, he actually ate Shu En's baby food. hahaha. Yumm.

mashed pumpkins in a bottle that looked like diarrhea =X

The 5 sisters minus Aunty Soo Yi that's in Aussie :) The uncles were all camera shy. After that, Sonya and I headed to Pyramid to exchange some dresses and nonsense.

Met up with these guys who practically ditched us all and went dating by themselves. AS USUAL. Hahaha. They were all watching Jennifer's body. A movie that I shall never watch. EVER.

Chee Kin's friend, Eunice stopped by! She had no where to go so she joined us. Friendly and bubbly :P we took around 10 spoons to eat 3 sundaes. Totally annoyed the cashier.

My bus arrived, hugged them both, and ran towards the bus. Walked home in the rain. Emo sangat. Haha. I miss you both =) We should meet up again.

Thanks Jacquelynnn for even inviting me for the movie premiere. I would have loved to go except I'd probably die in the cinema watching a horror movie. Thanks so much though for even asking =) No one has ever did that for me. So touched. Sniff.

if taking photos with a guy means he's my boyfriend, that means my brother's my boyfriend too? Stop making rumours. I am no one's girl.


Jacquelyn Ho said...

wah i feel u. if taking pics with guys means he's my bf then i think i got more than 50+ bfs now -_-

*~xtra-audrey-nary~* said...

hahaha yealah !! i would have probably lost count of my bfs if that were true