Sunday, 29 November 2009

rubber plantation

After church today, headed to KFC for meeting about the upcoming Christmas Homes Party! Being the secretary, had to pay attention at all times! Took a bus ride back and stopped by Parade to develop photos, realised a storm was happening outside, decided on wandering around aimlessly. Met John there and he offered me a ride back :D Thanks!

Headed to SS2 for dinner. Dad fetched Sonya and I there. We ended up ordering way too much and tapao-ing is the way to go !

Dad can camwhore too :O. He gave me his spare phone so I could buy a Digi number! So yeah, dropped me off at Parade, ran down and now I have a Digi number!! SO yeah, I have both maxis and digi now. Those who want my Digi just tell me :)

P.s. I collected my photos and there's one photo short! Grrr! Must go back again tomorrow.

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