Wednesday, 18 November 2009

End of the World ?

Headed to Summit, Chee Kin and Charles started playing pool and charles kena pawned :) Maverick hit a ball, flew off the table, almost hit me, almost hit a bunch of strangers. How nice.

Met up with Nat at the bowling alley! The shopping partner! Haha. As usual, I stoned and watch the guys bowl.

Finally the couple showed up. Su Fun and I were laughing like crazy people at the bowling alley. I can't even remember what we were talking about. Laughed too much. finally another girl there!

Headed to watch 2012 ! Li Jian was right. my mouth was hanging open during the entire film. Really awesome film. GO watch it if you haven't! I rate it a 9/10. Chee Kin and I were like eww-ing to each other when Gordon got smashed into the gears. Ugh. Final Destination 5.

After the movie the guys kindly waited for me at the bus stop till I got on my bus ! It was way jammed and it was raining. Worst part was, the bus detours to Sunway Pyramid. Thank you Li Jian for texting! Only the nightmare was when I found out you were a digi user using a maxis number.

my credit masssivvveellyyy decreased.
Nevermind. I had fun! :D

Came back home and found this on my bed ! I won the Darlie Shiny And White Competition and got a Sony Walkman - 2gig! It's so cool. It's like wearing a hair band :O

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