Saturday, 7 November 2009

Fadil's BBQ :D

Waited for Fadil's DRIVER to come and fetch me. So cool right? Haha! The minute I stepped into the car I felt so awkward. I was the only chinese and I was the only girl.

Reached there and my jaw dropped open. His house was twice the size of mine. There was a pond-in-the-making. Two living rooms !? Two flat screen TVs. Awesome sound system. Super duper comfy carpets on the floor that could make a ghost fall asleep.

Met up with the guys upstairs, Ridha, Lukman, Syaddad, Syafiq, Farhan and Arif that slept over the night before. According to Ridha, they slept at 5.30 and got up at 7.30. Super smart.

Soon we headed downstairs to the BBQ Grill!! Chicken, Fat Prawns and Fish were placed on the grill !

But since Chef Wan wasn't here. Chef Two and Chef Three took over. Super lame joke!

Finally the other girls arrived, Adila, Amalina and Elyza ;) So yeah I remained the only chinese for the entire night! Haha

Then my newly made friend, Mon gave me a heart attack. He suddenly collapsed. He said his chest and stomach was painful. Tears started to appear. He started to cough and vomit like a dying man. Luckily the maid helped by bringing water and ointment. Thanks to the guys who also helped. You better stop smoking, or it'll kill you =.=

After that, we headed over to the nearby park and disturbed the neighbours! The guys started flying off the swings, snapping a photo, and then... crashed to the ground! They obviously forgot about gravity -.-

My partner for the night! Why? He's 1/4 chinese ! Hahaha. Ridha has mamak , chinese, indonesian and malay blood! Thus, he's a makchindolayyyy :)

Group Photo!! Athirah came after that!! It was like a primary school reunion. By the way, 15 nov there's a primary school reunion according to her. Amirah Ruzaimi's coming down to Selangor!!

After that, his driver sent us back home ! It's good having a driver Haha. Thanks for the awesome party Fadilll :) Photos available at my facebook!

Photo of the day ! Hahaha. Burst out in laughter the minute the camera clicked.

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