Tuesday, 3 November 2009


Yesterday, my grandma returned to the Lord. It was expected. but we didn't know it would have been so soon. At first, I was in shock. Then, I didn't have any reaction. Till I saw her. I just burst into tears. We weren't really extremely close because of a language barrier. But then, that's the reason I was so sad. I never got the time to really know her.

Aunty Choon spoke about her earlier. Told about all the wonderful things my grandma was. What she had done, and how she left peacefully at an old age of 85.

But then, it wasn't such a sad event when the cousins reunited. Okay only a part of the cousins. They're 19 cousins altogether by the way. From the left : Kok Jin(cousin) Sonya(sister) Me, Yew Tong (cousin) and Jin Hui (cousin-in-law). We practically laughed the entire time.

Audrey Chew became Audrey Chiak.
Stupid Yew Tong.

Yew Kiang's wife, Hui Yu and her daughter Shu En :) She's 14 months old ! Could hardly talk but she was the cutest thing ever. I practically melted.

And her brother, Chong Wei ! the most hyper, wacky, crazy kid that was high on red bean soup. Haha. Hey Yew Tong ! When you gonna get yours mmm? :)

Thanks to Shaun C who helped with this ;)

P.s. I won an Sony Mp3 player thanks to Darlie competition! Almost got the laptop. Darn. i feel so honoured to be the youngest winner out of all :)

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