Saturday, 7 November 2009

Howling at the New Moon

Remember last year about how crazy the girls went over Edward Cullen ?!! The totally hot romantic mysterious blood curdling vampire. Before the movie came out, I already fell for the entire Twilight Saga and went through volcanos and hurricanes to get those four books.

I blogged so much about the previous movie.
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There are so many more posts but I can't seem to track them all down. I have too many blogposts. Hahaha

Nuffnang is giving out 30 invites to the premier of New Moon thanks to Tayangan Unggul Sdn Bhd!!! I watched Twilight three times in the cinema last year, and I don't mind doing it again for New Moon!!

I love the Twilight Saga as it doesn't have the typical storyline you'd expect. Most of us thought that Edward would stay forever with Bella, but he actually shoved her away and shifted all away across the world leaving her alone and devastated.

The part where Jacob Black became her hero was so dramatic. One's a vampire and now one's a shapeshifter into a werewolf!? She felt lonely without Edward, she went through lunatic things to obtain the adrenaline to see a vision of Edward, even jumped off a cliff !! But yet a part of her longed for Jacob. He was like her knight in shining armor.

But the best part of the entire story that I love was definitely the ending. It was a total page turner. It made me stay up till the crack of dawn just to find out what the ending was

What did Edward do !?
What would Bella do?
Would she reach there in time?
What would the Volturi do to her?
Would she be exiled?
Would she be accepted?
What would happen next?

Those were the questions swirling in my head.
What am I talking about?
Why don't you find out for yourself by going to the nearest cinema on the 26th of November when New Moon finally gets released !! Wanna know more about the movie?? Click HERE to view the official website for the movie :)

Please nuffnang pleaseeeeee.

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