Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Jessica's 15th

"I'll be abit late. sorry" - Choon Thye
An hour passed and he didn't arrive. Derrick and Alan found me before he did and I didn't even know they were already in Pyramid! I spent an hour wandering around alone.

We headed to Carl's Jr for lunch and I didn't have to spend a penny! Choon Thye paid his compensation :) The other guys and girls came after that.

After that, the guys all went for a movie except Alan. We dragged him along clothes and shoe shopping as it was Jess's birthday. Alan couldn't take it and headed off with Yogen to the cyber cafe. Hahaha

Headed to McD as Annesha was starving. We just watched her eat though Hahah! My feet were dying. Somehow flats are more torturing than heels to me.

Went to Forever 21 and looked around a.k.a. window shopped. What to do. So expensive. Not my fault I'm broke. or is it? I spent only 80 sen today ! On my bus fee! I are proud!!!

Headed back home and went to Swensens with sister for a one in a million treat. We ordered the Walnut Rocky Road and this time I didn't burn my tongue ! Yes !

Ben Yeo works there and I couldn't find him. In the end, I left him a note made up of chocolate sauce. It took me forever to write that! Funniest part was, when I did finish, he stepped through the doors of the shop.

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