Sunday, 15 November 2009

My Sundae.

At church this morning, the BUY A SEAT project was carried out. Acts Teens were raising funds for the bus fee for our upcoming camp! Total bus fee - RM4000. So anybody who wanted to sponsor one seat would pay minimum RM25! And we made RM2600!! :)

Headed to lunch at Penang Asam House and Jeremy Yee gave me a lift back home. I was supposed to go to Pyramid for my primary school reunion, but i never received a call from Athirah so I guess they had it without me.

Headed to grandma's house for her birthday dinner! Met up with cousin Kristie and Bryan. I haven't seen Bryan since I was 10 ! He's finally back in Malaysia and he has a goatie ! Gosh.

The food was powderful. Ate till I died. Had a box of milo and the straw was cool. The end was sealed with a hole punched in the straw instead.

Sam then got a call from Flora and Amanda saying they were at Asia Cafe playing pool so we headed there just for fun.

Amanda Janelle Quah became Amanda Closure Quah. She teamed up with Sam and ended up only hitting the last black ball. Sam seemed to finish the whole game by himself.

I think I just got my first cavity.
I am not exactly in the best mood ever.

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