Thursday, 26 November 2009

New Moon Premiere, AKHP

Met up with Sherman that returned from Aussie. Didn't see him for about a year?Didn't know he'd be bringing his gf along. It was so 'interesting' being the lamp post.

Sam and I headed to Cineleisure and met up with Amanda and a few others there too. Made a new friend, Sherie Seow! Hahaha. SS betul.

Flora and my brother decided to go play pool while we stoned and froze to death. It's so freezing cold there ! Really.

Anyways, both Amanda and I won Nuffnang's New Moon Premiere Tickets! She brought Flora and I brought Sam. Who else can I bring? I need someone to drive me there. Hahah!

NEW MOON WAS AWESOME! Girls melt while guys stone! but my brother said it was better than the first! Go watch go watch!

rating : 8/10

Headed to Murni's for supper with the whole ging gang. made some new friends too, Suresh and blue shirt guy! I was super pooped out but only reached home near 2 in the morning.

I was pooped out because of Acts Kids Holiday Program ! I volunteered to help out from 7.30am-4.30pm for two days! I was taking care of 9 kids! My group's name = Federation of Warriors! I learnt how to be super duper PATIENT. But I loved every single second of the torture they gave me.

"jiejie audrey! i wanna go toiletttt :( "
"teacher audrey!! she's pulling my hair !!! "
"aunty audrey!! i want to eattt ! "

Yet their cuteness conquers all! Didn't get to take picture with the cutest, Ethan. He fell sick on the second day and didn't make it :( I even thought six year olds to dance. So cute. Sadly can't make it for performance night tomorrow :(

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