Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Ninja Assassin Premiere

Started off the day with dim sum with the family :O something so uncommon, it's not common :O!

Had a million texts and calls from Angel asking " where are you !? " as she was awkward at KLCC being the only girl or what not. Sadly I couldn't rush the KTM hahaha.

Reached KLCC and met Jeremy Choy Shong Ming(correct ah?) there! He kept calling me Sam as he said I was like a replica of my brother. He called me "him" and he just kept laughing at how I do everything exactly like Sam. Is it that true !?

Angel's friend, Derek Yap also came :) He just joined us for lunch. That's all :) He wasn't really interested in the next stop on the list :D What was the next stop?

Petrosains - Musika !! Hahaha. Seriously. Actually we wanted to go to Petrosains, but then we were still unsure and let others ahead of us, which made the tickets get sold out. I started "sulking" and "whined" to my new dad, Jeremy!! :D It's fun when you're the shortest.

We probably scared all the lil kids away. Us giant kids were fascinated by everything. There were even repeatable fart sounds :O. There was even clubbing music which made Angel and I go crazy.

Sony Centre was our next stop for random nonsense. Angel and I appeared on TV ! Well. technically we did :O ?

Made a new friend Evelyn at A&W! Joseph is the most evil camera man in the world. He just manages to take the most ugly candid shots you can ever imagine. :D although I did like one of them.

Took the train back to KL Central the LONG way round. Just for the fun of it. Said our goodbyes to Jeremy as he couldn't come for the premiere due to lack of transportation :O who asked you to live in Rawang?

Headed to MidValley and I got my premiere tickets to watch Ninja Assassin! I is very proud okay! First time people ! First Time! Got my I love Nuffnang badge!

Met up with Jacquelyn on the train earlier and all went to Carl's Jr for dinner! Soon, it was time to head into the cinema and watch the movie !

Met Jo Ling there too! She won her tickets from a radiostation instead! Then suddenly this guy from Mix FM came to interview us about something to do with New Moon ?

Anyways, she was my boyfriend for the day! This is the person that got my 2nd ticket. Well, we're both 15 , it's both our first Nuffnang outing and we were both shocked and disgusted by the overflowing nonstop blood in the movie. Really. it's all


Said goodbye to everyone! wave wave, photo here photo there. It's fun going with a whole big bunch of Nuffnang bloggers! Then soon Sam fetched Vicky home and somehow ended up in KL when we headed to Subang. Blur boy. I even received an sms from Sam which was actually for Vicky. Super funny and awkward.

more photos here!


Serge Norguard said...


Jacquelyn Ho said...

forward the sms to me! :p

*~xtra-audrey-nary~* said...

hahaha i wish i could :P but sadly deleted already. haha got lah "baby I was so blur just now that I went to KL instead of Subang. You have a very blur baby" or something like that lah!