Monday, 23 November 2009

of all surprises

Sam woke me up and I realised I was late ! I had to meet the tenant to collect the keys back before he left for the airport! Panicked and luckily Sam fetched me to the apartment. Met up with Roy and collected the keys from him. The apartment was a pig sty. Gosh.

Headed back home to put the keys back, then took a bus to Summit. went to church to help out with the acts kids holiday program decoration. I am now extremely sick of tape and coloured paper! Haha but the deco was AWESOME! woots.

Took a bus home, feeling a lil down and suddenly this old lady came to talk to me. Got to know her and even invited her to church! She said she would be interested to come :D Her name was Aunty Claire! 71 years old people! 71 ! Even got on the same bus with her and chatted along the way.

Suddenly everyone was friendly on the bus. made friends with another lady and some old uncle!

Tomorrow's gonna be a LOOOONNNNGGGG DAY!
It starts with dim sum :O woots.

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