Thursday, 19 November 2009

Ring Ding Dong

Woke up at 8.30, called PAWS a million times, finally got through only to get massively disappointed when they said another group of students were visiting them today. My smile definitely disappeared. Thanks Li Jian , Shaun C for cheering me up.

Headed to Positive store, AYA office to make a million calls to all the Acts Teens Campers!

Basically if you forgot what I said in the call,

Pay for your camp shirt by 22 November 09 - RM20. If you pay during camp, its RM25.
Camp Briefing - 28 November 09 - 2pm @ Acts Church, Summit Hotel

Amanda Ooi was my partner for the day! Sadly, she had to go upstairs to use that phone while I remained downstairs in the cafe.

Suddenly, we saw this cat outside the cafe! Have no idea how it climbed up and slept there. It was tame though. Didn't make any noise or scratch when I carried it back down. Haha. it left a PRESENT for us on the floor too.

Had lunch together at Kwai Sun together with the young working adults. Stayed back to help out with the decoration for the upcoming Acts Kids Holiday Program !! :O I had fun. Felt like I was in kindergarten again with colours and such.


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