Friday, 13 November 2009

Seafield 3Jujur Parteh :D

Jon : I've been in Pyramid since 8am !! Where are you!
Audrey : What?? We're supposed to meet at 10:30...
Jon : I had no choice !! Faster Ernern!!

because of him, I left my earrings, necklace at home and put my eyeliner on in the bus. Crazy.

Met up with some of the other guys there and headed to the bowling alley. I went there for the aircond and just watched the guys play.

Jon Ho started complaining that his shirt was ugly and he need to shop meanwhile the problem were his yellow neon shoelaces which I commanded him to remove. Met up with Wei Yng and they switched bags. clearly, pink is totally Jon Ho.

We headed to Shogun for Japanese lunch buffet which was fully paid by the money they made during their Family Day and I was so blessed that I was invited and got to eat for free! Altogether there were 39 of us which whacked the place.

Kaekae was dared to put a whole scoop of ice cream in his mouth at once. He did it like THREE TIMES!? The suffering and retardation on his face just made us laugh till our guts came out.

Then, we saw this super duper cute porcupine pau! It looks cute. Taste, not that nice. Let's say we ate alot alot alot of food. probably had a million helpings.

Of course where food is involved, money is too ! The bill amounted to RM1253.55 for 39 people! That was already with the 35% discount! Woah. Imagine if there was no discount!

Wei Yng decided to go to the arcade for Para Para and Dance Dance Revolution. I almost died of shock when I heard that only Wei Yng and I have stepped foot into the arcade. Six of us played DDR at the same time and it was the craziest most fun thing ever. Looked super retarded.


We had no idea where to go so we decided to just sit in the middle of no where in Sunway Pyramid. Our feet were aching, we were walking around aimlessly. SO yeah,

Decided to go shopping. Okay she did the shopping, we watched. Poor Nat was dragged along with a bunch of girls as the men kinda ditched him. hahaha

Met up with a few of them later and took a super duper blur group photo. Yay. Kaelan had to rush back, then he discovered his mum didn't arrive yet and his phone died. It was hilarious how he had to tell us his mum's phone number by using hand signals as we were a floor apart.

Headed to the bus stop and suddenly got a call from Jon Ho saying he could fetch me straight home! Awesome possum date lah you :D

Bathed and straightaway headed to Subang Twister Homes Party!! There were 37 people and there were FIVE NEW COMERS ! Totally Awesome!

1) Esther Hughs (from Kelantan)!
2) Hui Jun (Jun Han's sister)
3) Wan Zhen (Hui Jun's friend)
4) Samuel Wong (totally unexpected)
5) Eunice Pui and her dog Marco! (sesat adult)

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