Friday, 6 November 2009

SMK SS17 CF End Year Party

Today, SMK SS17 had their final Christian Fellowship of the year at my house. I went crazy and put it on facebook and invited tons of people. Little did I know, that all those people would show up !

There were about SIXTY people present in my house. I had to open the sliding door and some had to even sit outside. It was hotter than a sauna and stuffier than a sardine can. There was no way to walk in my living room. The committee members of 2010 were revealed and the president is


Pastor Andy then gave the message and unfortunately I didn't really get to listen to it because I had to stand outside. There was really not enough space in there ! Haha.

Then it was MAKAN TIME !!! I think I should have ordered more food.

- 30 packets of maggi goreng
- 40 chicken wings
- 1kg nuggets
- 1kg fishballs
- 2 loaves of sandwiches
- 1 pot of macaroni
- 1 loaf of banana cake
- 2 tubs of orange sprite


After that all of us were astonished as Mun Hong took the stage and started playing piano. Little did I know that he's already playing Grade 8 pieces. ALL HAIL COW MUN HONG !

Thanks to Derrick as well as Mun Hong who stayed back and helped me shift the furniture and clean up :) Very "manly" hahaha.

Thank you list
1) The whole GGB gang.
2) All the forms that came.
3) The ex students (Shaun + Adeline)
4) Jeremy Yee (ex SMKSU president)
5) Those who contributed to the food
6) Pastor Andy for speaking !!!

Yuan Qi, Jess, Annesha, Xing and I headed to Annesha's house to just crash. Literally. We almost broke her bed, I heard it crack. Headed to the park after that. Bumped into Syaddad there. Practically spent almost an hour talking to him. Hahaha ! First time wei.

BBQ tomorrowwww ;)

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