Monday, 30 November 2009

Zhiying's Spontaneous Sixteen

I randomly stated on facebook yesterday that I was free and Zhiying got all excited to go out because it was his birthday! Something I only learnt about yesterday. Haha.

We started off the day with bowling! Well, they bowled, I snapped photos as usual. The winner was Damien! Second runner up was Daphne and the loser was the BBOY - birthday boy :D

Kah Tsin soon came after that. It was like the gathering of the Interact Presidents!

1) Zhiying - SMKSU Pres
2) Daphne - SMKSS17 Pres
3) Kah Tsin - SMK Bandar Sunway Pres
4) Audrey - SMKSS17 Vice Pres

and sesat Damien :D

Birthday boy decided that he wanted to go shopping for a pair of shoes. We went to and there. and surprisingly this time the girls were sitting down.

Finaly made the decision of where to eat, Kimgary! Why? Because you get 50% of if it's your birthday! But you must have the membership card which costs you RM15 :)

We decided to order the more "fancy" things since we had the discount. Ribena Lemon Ice Special , Milo Milk Ice Special and Vitagen Ice Special !? Vitagen one rocked :O Seriously.

All of us bought the seafood cheese baked rice. It had salmon.abalone.squid.mussels. and more! It was so yummeh. Zhiying kept telling me about the poor africans when I didn't finish mine. Gah

He went crazy and called me when I was sitting..right beside him. Why? Birthday boy gets free calls all day thanks to Maxis.

They even gave him a Polo Bun on the house. What a birthday cake. :D Divided it into like five parts. Super funny wei.

Then it was the feeding birthday boy craze time. Each of us took turns on shoving a fork down his throat. We paid the bill and it was about RM13 each? Imagine it was actually Rm26 each.

Headed to the Arcade to watch Kah Tsin shoot zombies, Damien dancing and well Zhiying and I were whacking some game up. hahaha

Then we all headed to watch Astroboy! Was actually quite an entertaining show. was laughing alot. The lil kids around me were extremely cute! Hahaha. Daph then dropped me off at Parade to collect my photo. Saw a pair of heels! Didn't have enough cash. I shall buy them tomorrow! :D It's only Rm14.95. Real price - RM49.90!! :D

People I met today
-Wen Li!! Sorry I couldn't really talk to you
-Maverick. hello.
-En Yee
-Kok Tong
-Wei Jin
-Darren stalker.
-Jun Kang
-who else? I kinda forgot =X

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