Sunday, 20 December 2009

Acts Church Esther Play Day 1 !!

On Friday, the craziest Acts Teens Party took place at Joshua's place ! 157 people showed up that night making it a record breaking night !! Never ever did we see that many people cramped up, especially thanks to the rain.

There were crazy games , food, fun, laughter and new friends that night. I'm too lazy to blog about it, coz I already did, but on Acts Teens Blog HERE!

We had a gift exchange and I got a chocolate...MIRROR. Yes it's made of plastic, and it's from Joneil Joseph ! hahah I ended up getting the gift that he kept going on and on about.

Today headed to church at SEVEN in the morning and got ready for the big show !! Yes, it was finally performance day, Esther the play was finally put in action. Make up done, Hair done, and yeah, several toilet breaks. Hahaha. nervousness.

We were sentenced into the kids room while the play went on. Some practiced, some fooled around, loads camwhored. hahaha many photos on facebook ;)

So yeah, we did two shows, 10am and 4pm and it was completely awesome ! There were 97 salvations and many many more responses ! God was awesome today :)

Headed to FullHouse, Ara Damansara after it all to celebrate Salby's 23rd birthday ! Thanks for the invite :) Thanks to ChickenBall(jacobpaul) for sending me there.

Surprise was for the others, Shaun,Amanda,Cheryl and Joneil when we celebrated their birthdays along with Salby's ! Haha their meals were sponsored by all the others who came :)

Yew Jin sent me back ! Never knew he lived so near. Yes, he is freakishly tall. Freakishly freakishly tall. No, he's not standing on a stool. ==

Come watch our last and final show of Esther on


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