Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Acts Teens New Normal Camp 2009!

For the past four days I've been at MBS Rawang for Acts Teens New Normal Camp !! It's the 4th youth camp that our church has had and it was really THE BOMB.

My group's name was N.E.R.D.S which stands for Never Ending Revolution. Don't Stop ! So yeah, Holy Durians our original group name was given to another thanks to a twist in the camp. Group leader was Lilian and assistant, Ji Xiong !

Throughout the camp, the Guardian Angel game was played.Basically everyone has a mortal to take care of throughout the camp by giving gifts, taking their food, helping them secretly and only reveal yourself on the last day. Mine, was Kenny Wong :)

The food was awesome. Really. It was like totally yummy. On top of that, i never felt hungry thanks to my super duper rewarding angel, Petra !

Crazy games were our motto. Water War was super awesome but I have no photos of the waterguns in action. It was extremely fun. Minus the fact someone whacked my nose with a water gun. Till now, I still don't know who it was. It was all too fast. It still hurts !

Eggs were given as "extra points" if we could take care of them throughout camp without breaking them. Ours cracked. But the membrane didn't burst ! Awesome right? Wasn't counted anyway -.-

There weren't enough bedsheets so Bianca, Jasmine and I shared two beds. The lights were off. Bianca and I were just too bored we started camwhoring till my eyes cried. Flash too MUCH.

Many lives were touched by God thanks to this camp. So many people got their testimonies, felt a new experience and were just thrilled that they came. Pastor Kenneth, Pastor Andy and Pastor Sandra just did a splendid job ;)

There were also several "terrorist" attacks in the middle of the night. Men / women in black would be lurking around with video cameras and attack people with a plunger? Hahahah It was super funny. Screams were heard throughout the dorms.

Worship was so awesome. I personally was one of the pianists for two sessions and boy did my legs ache and hands freeze. Thank you Lord. Haha ! A certain smart genius broke his drumsticks which I just bought for him three months ago. AHEM. Nah kidding :) i'm not angry.

There was a Showdown on the last night, all 6 teams had to act a sketch out about the "new normal" and include a few random words such as "kai fan, ultraman, bollywood , paparazzi " in it.

As if that was the shocker, the committee and adult leaders did an impromptu sketch on stage after we finished. Your liver , lungs and kidneys would have probably died from overdose of laughter. Yes, That's Pastor Andy in the yellow shirt.

Last night of camp = sleepless night of camp. Guys were playing basketball at 2 in the morning. Some were eating maggi mee. Some were chatting. I slept at 5.30am , got up at 7.30 am. Awesome!? Spent my entire night talking to Samantha. haha

What's camp without random photos? Made a million new friends, exchanged emails, oh by the way I was one of the official paparazzi crew for camp, candid photos rock baby.

What's camp without some sleepyheads in the bus? Eugene's head was like moving 180 degrees left and right and left and right. When the bus turned, so did his head. Hahaha.


Photos available
Here - Day 1
Here - Day 2
Here - Day 3
Here - Day4

About 600 photos :)
Please tag yourself. I'm too lazeh.

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