Wednesday, 30 December 2009

apology accepted ?

Firstly, I'm oh so sorry THE Wei Yng :(
I know we planned to hang at your house and stone together.
I owe you a big apology as well as I owe you one.
Thus, I make you known via my blog.

Ever seen green kit kat?
Ever eaten green kit kat?
It's like hardened diarrhea :O
Minus the part that it tastes delish :)

Thank youuuu for the awesome possum Green Tea Kit Kat.

Apology to Shaun Kang as well that I declined your offer to visit the dolphins. Really appreciated it that you thought of it as a gift. Oh look, just realised my photo's a Okay, I'm not cursing the dolphins to death. Dolphins are cute. Especially when they make the eee eee eee sound.

Hah! you fell for it!
Dolphins are MAMMALS not fish.

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