Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Avatar 3D

Headed to Pyramid met up with the guys. Went to line up for our tickets to watch Avatar 3D. the line reached the toilet. I spotted Zi-Xin in the front of the line...and she let me cut queue! Hee. sadly. we had to buy tickets that were not together. totally sold out.

Yeah we kinda had to break up in to pairs at the side. minus Xing Jun who had to sit alone. we were an odd number. ahaha. 3D didn't make much of a difference though. atleast the subtitles were in english this time. goodness. previously watched in B.M.

I see you became SAYA NAMPAK KAMU~~
totally spoilt it.

Started playing some retarded spin the bottle game which didn't even make sense.

Who has breast cancer!?
-spins bottle-

yeah. that kinda random stuff.
bumped into SO MANY people today that I can't even list it :)

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