Tuesday, 22 December 2009

bershopping-shopping with Kman.

Headed to Parade to develop some photos, bumped into Fadil !! :)
Never seen him since school ended haha.

Helped Ken-ji with his christmas shopping for a certain someone. Bumped into Eilene,Elaine,Yeh Hoong,Jeremy Yee,Edwin, SMKSU kakis ; Bee Lee and David from Taman Sea! Ken-ji bought my present too! well, I picked it out, he paid :D

His christmas present from me was, a Wendy's meal, Auntie Anne's pretzels, and two tokens in the arcade :P Technically we paid the same amount for each other's present. made no difference. haha.

Oh oh, Elianto's having 70% and 50% Sale !! Jessica HIV Robert! :P!!
Mouse Eyeshadow for Rm4.50 :P
not to forget the RM1 black nail polish :)

Christmas shopping spirit has awakened :D

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