Sunday, 13 December 2009

Camp Committee Parteh

Spent my entire day in church from 11am till 8pm. Awesome right? Double Services ! Hahaha but during the break went around Summit. Returned to church and realised I was SPECTACLE-LESS. Ran and searched and found it at the arcade. Shouldn't have played DDR. haha!

After church ended, all the camp committee plus a few others headed to Joshua Chu's place to celebrate that camp was over and all our efforts were put to good use! Food was super awesome.

Played 2 Truths , 1 Lie. Found out so random truths about them like

1. I kissed a girl when I was 7 years old.
2. I killed kittens.
3. I peed on my sister.
4. I peed on the bathroom floor coz I was lazy to flush.
5. I got 1% for my chinese paper.
6. I saw a guy totally naked that wasn't related to me.

Those kinda random things. Laughed till I died.

Then we celebrated Salby's birthday AGAIN. For the 930527th time! Haha yes she's 23 and old ! and we all love her for being olddd :)

Thanks to Joel Wong for sending me there
Thanks to Joel Vijay for sending me home.
They're both Joel's.

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