Friday, 25 December 2009

Christmas oh Christmas

Had our final performance in the morning. The last Esther play and the place was JAMMED PACK. People were sitting on the floor, loads were standing up too! i have totally no idea how many people were there :O amazing.

Christmas is all about family time too! :) headed down to Mont Kiara for a superb lunch filled with steak :D Thanks Dad. Hee. People were staring at me from a mile away. This is what happens when you look like a christmas tree or an elf. you pick. haha

A big thank you to....

Mum - RM100
Dad - Rm100
Aunt - Rm20
Ken-ji - dress
Kian Yip - bag
Pr Andy + Jay - two live fish LOL
Joannah - earrings
Charlotte - accessories
Amanda - nail polish
Dr Jill - Reese's chocolate peanut butter !

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