Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Christmas Shopping?

Kian Yip fetched me and headed to 1 Utama ! We ended up taking the wrong route and headed to Klang. HAHAH. No worries, u-turns rock. So yeah, I dragged him up and down and all around to shop for my christmas presents.

Saw this humongous monopoly set that you could walk on. check out the cards ! :) Blue property rocks. Finally bought two things which consumed like...2 hours? Hahaha Kian Yip was already yawning.

Oh yeah, I met this fella in the parking lot, stuck my head out of the car and shouted SHAUN CHIEN!!! He almost got banged by a car thanks to me :). Decided to meet up for lunch and Kian Yip made a new friend today :O

Shaun was fattish. he ordered three soft shell crab temaki. He kindly gave one to me ! thank you thank you. Talked like nonstop till his grandma and sis showed up so he had to go off

Kian Yip and I resumed our random walking around. Went in Toys R Us just for kicks. It's fun shopping with you! Hahaha you're not like most guys who just stone and walk like a zombie.

Headed back to Subang, got lost thrice, headed to Asia Cafe and he thought me how to play pool! like seriously I actually played 3 games. Although he won all, I managed to actually get the balls in the hole. Miracle.

Kian Yip : i'm a good teacher :)

And yes, seriously, he actually uses calculations or what not! haha

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