Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Christmas Taylor

Mum, Sonya, Uncle Mike and I headed to Taylor's PJ College to have fine dining at the mock restaurant. It was the Christmas Edition. All the waiters and waitresses were dressed with santa hats and reindeer horns haha.

Obviously our waiter was Samuel! He was even wearing the " I Love Nuffnang " badge on his vest. Haha.

The mocktail of the night was named ' Silent Night ' it had sprite, grenadine, lime and two little pastiles in it :D

For starters, we had clam chowder. Don't let the plate deceive you. it's like only 2cm deep. Hahaa. Liars!!

Then he had to do a wine demonstration for us. The way he opened the bottle, poured it and it was actually just water inside :P Just for the practice.

Then came the maincourse which was absolutely scrumptious. It was Beef Wellington with Sautee Asparagus and Enoki ! It was super duper awesome!! It's like pastry on the outside and beef on the inside ! Sam had to carve it infront of us :)

Then came the dessert. Banana Flambe! Tons of sugar. Bananas. Pineapple juice. a small cup of rum and loads of fire !!

Okay fine, I failed to get the photo of the fire. It was so pretty! The dessert was just awesome. Really sweet. But still awesome. Some other waiters weren't doing so well. I smelt burnt bananas :D

So yes, I went home with a very happy face and a happy stomach too.
I love you Sammy :)

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