Saturday, 5 December 2009

Couples Retreat :O

Jon came by and fetched me ! Public Transport was so not needed ! YES ! It was a really last minute thing. Haha his dad was kind enough to lend the car. Then we headed to KLCC ! Yeah again.

Met up with Wilson there and had a bite at Sakae Sushi! He started saying, the more chicken he ate, the hungrier he became. Weird stomach.

Headed to the PIKOM PC Fair once more and this time Jon was the one who did the shopping. a pair of headphones , a laptop cooler and a USB hub ! I was just the tour guide haha. Met some Nuffnangers there too like Jeremy Daddy ! Xiang + Jason!

Jon started speeding on the highway hahaha. Wilson was like swaying left to right and back. Leather seats baby :O. He put on the seatbelt just to stop the swaying haha.

Spontaneously headed to Pyramid to catch the movie Couples Retreat ! Met Shereen, Kai Ling + Nath there. Laughed my head off. Like so many times. Really.

It's "ass-tas-tic " :)

Thank you Jonathan Lim Chee Weng for treating me to so much today ! A movie ticket, Two drinks, the crazy parking ticket that cost more than RM10 and of course for sending me there and back ! =)

I won't be updating my blog till 9 Dec!
Will be heading to MBS Rawang for Acts Teens Camp !! :)


Willy C. said...

I always wear my seat belt!! lol.... seriously, i got hungrier after eating the chicken, that's y the hotdog at the :P

*~xtra-audrey-nary~* said...

hahah yealah yealah u have a weird stomach XD