Friday, 11 December 2009

Froggy Prince

Headed to Pyramid with the forever hungry Ken-ji. The minute we finished pizza, he wanted to eat Auntie Anne's. Went around shopping for his prom shirt which is like next week?

Christmas was in the air. There were performances on stage. Sunway Pyramid mascot walking around with two hot girls in shiny silver dresses beside him.

Met up with Yi Wei and Joneil and headed to watch the princess and the frog ! Ironic that Ken-ji was wearing green. FROGGY ! Cute movie. Laughed like crazy at the alligator :)

Yi Wei dropped Joneil and I off at church for Christmas Dance practice !! :D I jumped one too many times. legs hurt. KARATED CHEERLEADER !

finally found a date to Avatar Screening on 17th.
Sorry Jacquelynn :P you can't have the tickets. HEE.

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