Thursday, 10 December 2009

Happy birthday to you


Sean Chua Siew Kee !
aka Lamp Post !
Yes, I know I don't really talk with you as often as last time.
Normally I just bump into you at random places.
But I still don't forget your birthday !
And no, I didn't remember because of facebook :P
Hope you have a great one :)

Shaun Kang Jia Wei !!
Yes, it's your birthday AGAIN. and I haven't exactly bought anything for you yet truth be told. What do you want lah? I can't think ! Ran out of ideas after the years.
I know you're in Penang right now with a "sexy" voice, thanks to camp.
Thanks for being my friend throughout the years.
Hope you're gonna be an awesome doctor in the future :P
Just don't kill people then its ok :D
lemme know what you want for christmas+bday :)


Sean Chua said...

thank you laling..and yea..we bump alot around everywhere huh..hahaha..not bad ;)

*~xtra-audrey-nary~* said...

awwww =D yalor. no problem laling hahahaha. hope u hv a great bday =D