Friday, 4 December 2009

I say LAP you say TOP !

Today had an impromptu trip down to the PIKOM PC fair in KLCC.
Those who are close to me, you know I ain't kidding when I say my computer's SLOW

Yesterday, mummy saw me suffering in front of my computer. She said the magic words.

Do you wanna get a new laptop ?

At night we all headed over to Yuen Steamboat. Another fattish time. Pile on the seafood babeh :D I don't care if I'm not getting Japanese seafood like someone is :(

Sam joined us and he definitely put his hotel management skills to good use! Balancing two plates with one hand. very handy when the vultures attack the BBQ chicken wings :)

Oh yes, just to let you know I got a Dell Studio 1450. And yes, I got the colour most guys fear. PINK!!! hahahaha.

PC fairs rock. The stuff I got free :)
- RM165 discount
- free keyboard protector
- free cooling fan
- free mouse
- free cleaning kit
- free laptop bag
- free usb hub


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