Sunday, 27 December 2009

Johorian :O

Headed down to Johor at 730 in the morning. Listened to my mp3 the whole way down filled with korean songs. Hahaha. I blame Chee Kin + Keith Yong.

Met up with the relatives and these are only the cousins! Together with their spouses and children as well. First time such a big crowd showed up.

These are the uncles and aunties that showed up :) The food was way too much and everyone had to tapao back the leftovers :) which came in handy later.

Shawn my cousin with his wife Yura came down from Aussie! First time seeing her and she's Korean :O South Korean. Although the korean slang has totally warped into aussie slang.

Shane also with his wife Angie came from Aussie. All my cousins are practically married or is of age to marry. I'm the youngest in the whole family tree. so yeah....-.-

Chong Wei gave me a flower before I left :) My cute little nephew! :D That's crazy and goes running up and down and all over us. Waved goodbye to everyone and left for the road back to Subang.

We were stuck in a horrendous jam for more than 5 hours. Luckily, the packed food came in handy. Our dinner was the leftover lunch. Thank you to pigkey and fish who texted me from Sepang and Johor :)

All these time, I thought I wasn't over you.
But actually, I was.
I was just scared to love again.

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